About Rob Yale

Sales Representative

I am a people person excited by the idea of connecting people with their dream homes. Having been born and raised in Toronto, I have a strong knowledge of the particular nuances of all our neighbourhoods. 

I have extensive technical know-how learned through my years of IT experience. As a former professional composer and keyboard specialist, I have performed and recorded with many greats, such as David Bowie, Bruce Cockburn and Jane Sibarry. I’ve also performed in numerous television and film projects. No stranger to running a business, I headed up my own recording studio and developed a reputation for being on the cutting edge of technological developments in audio. 

My experience as General Manager of my studio has sharpened my organizational skills and has given me the ability to understand the needs of the people with whom I work.

I operate according to a strict code of ethics to ensure that my clients know as much about their real estate ventures as I do. To perform at a high level, a superior realtor’s mindset puts the client’s needs first and foremost. After that, experience and skill are critical.